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Our workout this morning
"Our workout this morning consists of juicing over 125 pounds of Meyer lemons for one of two upcoming @#schollbc"
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Cellarman and all-around
"Cellarman and all-around badass Sal, keeping things clean in the cellar this morning. . . #schollbc"
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Throwback to early 2012, when
"Throwback to early 2012, when we were clearing out an old flooring warehouse in Garland, TX to make room for the brewery. We’ve added a few things since then. #TBT"
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In honor of
"In honor of #internationalwomensday we want to take a sec to brag about the amazing, hard working women on our team. It’s not said enough, but without their tireless efforts and commitment to our craft, Lakewood wouldn’t exist. So without further ado, meet the awesome ladies of Lakewood (from top left clockwise): . • Stephanie Meyer – National Chain Account Manager – beer biz pro, proud mom, Run the Jewels groupie, overall bada$$ • Brenda Busch – Vice President – Quickbooks extraordinaire, the “checkbook” of the brewery, mother to two energetic kids, wife to some dude named Wim • Eva Magaña – Taproom & Events Manager – event planner, brains of the Taproom, consistent ray of sunshine, newest member of the LBC team • Carlye St. Clair – Shipping & Receiving – back of house butt kicker, forklift whiz, brewery chef, get ‘er done attitude, overall rock star • Kristi Holman – PR/Media/Press – media handler, press release auteur, MailChimp pro, avid traveler of the world • Rocky Pleimann – Key Account Manager – the party starter, friend to everyone, resident rock and roller, idea generator • Nicole ‘Greta’ Leverett – Natl. On Premises Account Manager – giver of hugs and cuddles, loudest sneeze you’ll ever hear, tattoo aficionado, fiercely loyal • Trisha Martin – Logistics Coordinator – spreadsheet whiz, human abacus, juggler of duties, proud mom, aka Lil’ Tritsch . What you all bring to the team is immeasurable. Today, we raise a glass in your honor. Schol!"
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Fresh All Call heading down
"Fresh All Call heading down the line, made for those on the front lines. . . #ems"
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