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Author of “The Bar Chef” and co-owner of Toronto’s popular bar BarChef- rated by Food and Wine magazine as one of the “Top seven new and innovative bars in the world” – Solarik is a pioneer of the progressive and contemporary approach to cocktails in Canada. He has been profiled in major international magazines, newspapers and TV such as The New York Times, National Geographic, National Post, The Globe and Mail, Imbibe magazine, Sharp magazine, CNN, as well as a guest judge on The Food Network’s popular“Top Chef Canada”, Global TV, City TV, Toronto Life, and CBC. The buzz, domestically and internationally, is due to the fact that Solarik isn’t just changing the way drinks are made, but because he’s changing the way cocktails are perceived in general, by applying the same detail and passion to preparing cocktails as a chef would to haute cuisine. “It’s the idea of presenting a drink as a dish, I strive to compose cocktails with the same visual, visceral and taste appeal and complexity that is possible within a dish, the general goal for me artistically is to challenge the conventional thought as to what’s possible within the medium of a glass.” Although he prefers to describe some of his signature beverages like his “Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan”, “The Black Truffle”, “The Transformation”, “Mayan Hot Cocoa”, “Chilled Ontario Strawberry”, “The Cedar” and “Spring Thaw” as “Modernist” rather than “molecular” the cocktails on offer at his Toronto cocktail bar are perhaps best described as compositions, but rather than harmonious musical notes they are a personal artistic expression, a textural and sensory experience presented in the medium of a liquid.


  • Legendary Experimentalist
    New York Times
  • Top 6 cocktail bars in the world
    Condé Nast Traveller

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"Grateful for the birthday messages from everyone and for my boo, @ryanluvzyou who is always willing to take an adventure with me. PS, @barchef and @frankiesolarik delivers consistently with thoughtful delicious and cerebral cocktails.#toronto #barchef #cocktails #winenomadic #sommelier #hospitalitypassion #respect #love #lovethisplace #birthdaygirl #ladysomm #imbibe #ladyboss #sommdayoff #itsmybirthday #sommlife #thoughtfuldrinks #checkthisshitout #badassdrinks #cocktails #cocktailart #imgettingold #ineedanap"