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From serving our nation to serving drinks in our nation’s capital, Jeremy Ross has a career that took a decided detour. After serving time as an IT tech in The Navy, Ross bided his time while seeking another IT gig in the civilian sector. Ross found himself sucked into the restaurant world and he hasn’t looked back. He’d always had a passion for cooking, Ross was offered a job behind the bar and realized he could apply the same passion and precision he’d shown in the kitchen to cocktails.

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Carpaccio is traditionally a
"Carpaccio is traditionally a dish of raw meat (such as veal, beef or venison) thinly sliced served as an entry course. The dish was named after Vittore Carpaccio, the Venetian painter known for the characteristic red and white tones of his work. With all that said, Breauna wasn’t about to eat raw beef. I decided to focus on the color scheme of strawberries and top the slices with a milk sherbet and thai basil. #SettingtheBarr #course6 #FancyDinnerParty #LinkinBio #NotReally #RossBarr #ChefSteps #Rocher"
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