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Logan Saunders


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Logan Saunder fell in love with interacting with people at a very young age. Being the son of a pastor in the South, conversation became not only a skill but a passion. After working in the service industry for many years, Logan began to realize how fun creating cocktails and conversing to guests about ingredients and methodology was. Currently Logan is further mastering his skills under Atlanta service legend Greg Best at Ticonderoga Club

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@dsleazy127 and I workshopped
"@dsleazy127 and I workshopped a bunch of fun cocktails for Parlor Room today. Keep your ears up y’all."
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Pumpkin carving and Old
"Pumpkin carving and Old Fashioned drinking with my buds in a cemetery. Not a bad Wednesday"
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Making "amaro" with two of my
"Making "amaro" with two of my best buds. @#hyfy"
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