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  • Kato
    11925 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA

Behind the Scenes

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revisiting another old kato
"revisiting another old kato dish. this started off as a somen dish our first summer. it eventually evolved into a dish focused on the flavors of tomato and radish as well as the sensation of slurping cold noodles. the current version is strands of radish and hokkaido scallop in a tomato and horseradish broth"
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pictures with all my heroes
"pictures with all my heroes"
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spot prawn in seasoned rice
"spot prawn in seasoned rice wine. based off a Taiwanese dish where live crabs are “drowned” in wine. heads fried and dusted with fermented onion"
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kato nigiri
"kato nigiri"
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we always revisit this dish
"we always revisit this dish from the early Kato menu. this version is barely cooked ocean trout, smoked ikura, steamed eggplant and a sauce of black vinegar. it’s almost like the sensation of drinking fish paste soup with black vinegar just dripped in"
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