Kelsey Hofmann

Bartender, Beverage Director
Kelsey Hofmann


My Venues

  • Rye
    900 E Market St
    Louisville, KY

Behind the Scenes

Thank you to everyone that
"Thank you to everyone that came out this past Thursday for the new menu launch! It was a very successful night, and we raised over $200 for the Center for Women and Families. 📸 @kelly125 #louisvilledrinks"
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Launching a new menu today.
"Launching a new menu today. This is La Loba - matcha tea, snap peas, aquavit, green chartreuse, lemon, & coconut milk. This menu is about continuing a conversation about how we view women in our society. La Loba is the wise woman who uses her hands to grow and give life. Tonight we're giving back by donating proceeds from new drinks to the Center for Women and Families. Come celebrate your own divine feminine and drink with us tonight. #allfemalebarstaff"
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First person to crack the
"First person to crack the Cynar bottle at Odeon... so I got to sign it."
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