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Kristy Graham is a Brand Ambassador for Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, located in Nashville, TN. She is also a bartender at Drexl Bar in Oakland.

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Belle Meade Honey Bourbon
Distillery, Watkins Park
"Our newest release has my mouth watering! Unlike so-called “honey bourbons” that are flavored with added honey, the Honey Cask Finish is aged in barrels that were previously filled with natural honey by the artisan-beekeeping-entrepreneurs at TruBee Honey in Arrington, Tennessee, about 20 miles south of Nashville. Close to 300 bottles of the amber nectar will be released on May 12 at our distillery in Nashville, TN! We started out by giving Trubee freshly dumped "honey barrels" that had aged 10 year old Belle Meade Single Barrel Bourbon. They then filled the barrels with Summer vintage wildflower honey and allowed it to age in the barrel to produce their Barrel Aged Honey. They then emptied these now, quite literal, "honey barrels" and gave them back to us. We then refilled the barrels with our signature high rye blend of Bourbon. For this project we used 8-11 year old Bourbon. We then let the Bourbon rest in these "honey barrels" for a few months until the flavor was just the right balance of whiskey to honey and sweet to strong. #bellemeadebourbon #bourbon #honey #honeybourbon #whiskeylovers #whiskey @bellemeadebrbn @ngbdistillery"
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