Adrian Chelette

Chef, Owner, Pastry Chef/Baker
Adrian Chelette

New Orleans

About Adrian Chelette

Adrian was born in Houston, Texas and his family moved to Louisiana when he was 9 years old. After graduating high school and experiencing one year in college, he realized I was not destined for an office job and kept working at the only real high quality restaurant in Lake Charles. Once three years passed and Adrian had moved around every station, thoughts of the next step started to creep up. His sous chef at the time was about to open a restaurant in New Orleans and wanted Adrian to help him open up Ancora. He worked two jobs just to save up enough money to finally move. With three months before we opened he helped seal dining room floors, moved coolers, set up the kitchen and everything else in between, and Ancora finally opened in June 2011. Having started as sous chef in his early 20s, he's moved up to chef/co-owner with partners chef Adolfo Garcia and GM Bryn Thompson. At Ancora, he had no idea how little he knew in the food world and after 7 years I am more fully aware how much more there is to know is this industry. From making dough everyday, to drying salami and prosciutto, the staff at Ancora put our hands on as much as possible, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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