Leighann Smith

Butcher, Chef
Leighann Smith

New Orleans

About Leighann Smith

Leighann Smith arrived in New Orleans completely on a whim an indeterminate time ago. Her descent into alcoholism, nihilism and self-destruction was already well underway. She got a job at Cochon Butcher shortly after her arrival and it wasn’t long before she took over the meat and charcuterie program. After years of learning from the best her and the Reverend Dr. Daniel Jackson bought a smoker, got a loan and opened a small old world butcher shop and restaurant in mid city New Orleans. The rest is history...

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Brunch time y’all!
Café, Sandwiches, Butcher, Mid City
"Pork belly Cubans are back on this weekend! We have @twodogfarmsllc squash quiche, flank steak and eggs, @homeplacepastures ham and egg biscuit, corned beef hash, and as always the best biscuits by @therevdr47 and I make a mean ass gravy! Come and get it y’all SATURDAY TILL 3! SUNDAY ALL DAY!"
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