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Aldo Maiorana


About Aldo Maiorana

Aldo Maiorana was born in Sicily and raised in France. He lived in the South Pacific where he served as majordomo to the French Navy's commander. After that, Aldo was off to Paris, Caracas, and Tourrettes-sur-Loup, a medieval village where he owned a restaurant housed in a stone and mortar building. In 1978, Aldo landed on the East End. Aldo missed some of the pleasures of his past, one of which was deep, rich coffee. A consummate originator, Aldo bought a coffee roaster, sourced beans from selected origins, and crafted the coffee he craved. He named his creation, Orient' Espresso, to honor his new home and his old. And that was the beginning of Aldo's Coffee Company still roasting and baking world-famous biscotti.

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Iced Americano
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"Fun fact: Made with espresso, an Americano contains more copper (a micronutrient that helps burn fat) and disease-fighting antioxidants than brewed coffee. Oh, and it's really nice over ice... #aldocafegreenport #nofo #coffee #icedcoffee #makingamericanogreatagain"
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