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Citrus tasting day at el (pink
"Citrus tasting day at el (pink sock photo bomb by @#nofilter"
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Bbq'd rib of tambaqui
"Bbq'd rib of tambaqui (Amazonian fish a/k/a pacu) with cape gooseberry, red onion, pinapple & Cuban oregano by @#fishrib"
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Maine Lobster warmed in smoked
"Maine Lobster warmed in smoked butter with parsnip, apple, cornbread breadcrumbs, and thyme #onthemenu"
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All crosseyed for a foie gras
"All crosseyed for a foie gras push-up with gingerbread cookie and peach #summer2017"
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Blast from the past: Shigoku
"Blast from the past: Shigoku oyster gelled in smoked duck consomme with feremented daikon, sea beans and soy"
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