Maura Selenak

Owner, Producer
Maura Selenak


About Maura Selenak

Expert Maura Selenak is the Co-owner/Distiller of Amalga Distillery in Juneau, Alaska. The distillery specializes in seasonal gins and vodkas, introducing local ingredients from Alaska.

At My Venues

Jin Cocktail
Distillery, Bar, Downtown Juneau
"This is Jin (pronounced like gin). Unsung hero at Amalga Distillery. Walked through the doors only a couple of weeks after opening, hired on the spot, and steadfast ever since. He also happened to create the Jin-Gin; an absolute favorite combining pomegranate, mint, basil grown by @juneaugreens, and our Juneauper gin. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #livingthedream #craftspirits #fromalaska #jingin #craftcocktails"
At my venues