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1 down, 51 to go. Judging is
"1 down, 51 to go. Judging is hard, delicious work, but someone’s gotta do it! In great company with @#nom"
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Well, there was only so much
"Well, there was only so much room in Richard and Molly's suitcases to head to @langetwins for last night's Pre-ZinFest dinner, but we can still vicariously enjoy Chef Molly's amazing creations perfectly paired with LangeTwins' spectacular wines thanks to iPhones and social media. 💚😍🍷 Thank you, LangeTwins, for such an amazing night (and the Texas flags!). Menu: [HORS D'OEUVRES] Shaved Country Ham and Vintage Cheddar Roasted red peppers, arugula, toast point - 2017 Estate Sangiovese Rose - [FIRST] Fine Herb Scented Lobster Tail Roasted tomato & citrus panna cotta, local arugula oil, Hawaiian red sea salt - 2017 Estate Chenin Blanc | Prince Vineyard - [SECOND] Poached San Joaquin Country Farm Egg Roasted B&G Garden beet farroto, Zuckerman asparagus, crispy pancetta, DEMASES FARM pistou, crumbled ricotta - 2008 Single Barrell Malbec | Library Selection - [THIRD] Toasted Rabbit Pierogi Sweet corn cream, farmstand peas & carrots, shaved radishes and housemade creme fraiche - 2006 Midnight Reserve | Library Selection - [FOURTH] Red Wine Braised Akaushi Beef Wild spring duxelles, puff pastry, glazed cipollinis, creamed baby spinach - Centennial Zinfandel 2009 & Centennial Zinfandel 2011 - [FIFTH] Browned Butter Brazos Valley Cornmeal Cake Vanilla spiked Lodi strawberries, dulce cream and toasted almonds - MVP Dessert Wine -"
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It's been a special few days.
"It's been a special few days. Our favorite wine guy is at camp. Camp Schramsberg, that is. Here are a few pictures from Richard's Napa adventure. He's learned about blending, pruning, and riddling, as well as food and wine pairings. We can't wait for him to bring back these experiences to the restaurant! 📸: Richard King with Bob and Jack Tognetti at Tognetti Family Winery in Carneros, where the group learned to prune the vines. A blending session of stainless steel v. barrel, with 7-month old base wines. Wine and food pairing seminar 1 Wine and food pairing seminar 2, featuring sparkling wine and protein."
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We may be a beer and wine
"We may be a beer and wine restaurant, but you’ll find a special spirit on our dessert menu. Try our Texas Citrus & Coconut Panna Cotta with orange and grapefruit supremes, spiced Acre Distilling Co. rum sauce, and a crisp coconut tuile. . . . #texas"
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I’m just an oyster Po Boy
"I’m just an oyster Po Boy looking out at the pouring rain, wondering what you’re doing for lunch today... #rainyday"
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File this one under "dishes
"File this one under "dishes that make you go 'duuuuude' 🤤" Hurry on in for dinner and get our Seared Day Boat Scallops. Served with celery root purée, applewood smoke bacon lardons (!!💕!!), wilted Demases Farm kale, Shines Farm pepper, parsley and spinach olive relish. No judgment from us if you lick the plate."
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