Janice Provost


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The Chocolate Glob
$$$, Café, Italian, New American, American, Turtle Creek
"Long before the molten lava cake showed up, Parigi was serving this gooey, crispy, chocolatey dessert with a big dollop of whipped cream. No one has been able to match it."
"Cali roll" deconstructed
$$$, Café, Italian, New American, American, Turtle Creek
"In my world, we’re surrounded by barbecue and engulfed in mesquite smoke all day. Parigi’s deconstructed 'Cali roll' is the perfect bite to bring me back to life after a long day by the pit. Luscious Gulf crab, fresh avocado, and cucumber provide an indulgent base for the tower that’s spiked with a badass ginger-soy-wasabi dressing. The whole dish sings."
Beef tenderloin
$$$, Café, Italian, New American, American, Turtle Creek
"I cooked in this kitchen for almost five years, and this is the ultimate comfort food for me. With whole-grain mustard and mashed potatoes, it reminds me of my time there with my dear friend Janice [Provost]. The beef is sautéed in clarified butter to avoid it from burning, giving it a buttery taste that complements the mustard sauce and enriches the whole experience. People just love this dish and have for a long time."