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16 Hour Beef Shin Cooked with
"16 Hour Beef Shin Cooked with Chili, Clove, Bay, Yucca, Plantain, Spinach & Taro Root Dumpling. Our take on Bouyon Bef- Haitian Beef Stew, for the All Stars Of Haiti Dinner at the Beard House this weekend. A humble but very flavorful dish with good heat. What an honor to cook with such a great group of chefs from Haiti, the States and Canada. I loved hearing the stories behind their dishes and ingredients used. Thank you for the platform and help with bringing Haitian food to light @beardfoundation. Il était allumé! (It was lit in French). 🔥🇭🇹✨ . . . #haitianfood #haitianhistory #beardhouse #teamhaiti #ayiti #nycforever 🗽❤️"
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This picture was taken from
"This picture was taken from the roof of my aunt’s house in Pétionville. The reality of life in Haiti for many- it is a struggle. Money and resources are scarce. Plastic pollution is very real. Consistent electricity, water and internet are sometimes luxury even for the middle class. The narrative is one of perseverance however. I’m so inspired from my trip. Childhood memories rushed through me all week. Thrilled to find a new cause and plan on fundraising for Haiti moving forward. My next trip is already planned. . . . #haiti #haitianfood #haitianhistory #haitianculture #ayiti #lakay #roots #culture #heritage #ggisglobal 🇭🇹❤️"
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A favorite Haitian breakfast.
"A favorite Haitian breakfast. Salt Cod simmered with abundant aromatics. Served alongside boiled starchy roots and vegetables. Quite the turn from a traditional American breakfast, we didn’t have this often growing up. I was so excited to revisit this dish after so long. The cod is soaked over night then cooked with onions, shallots, peppers, scotch bonnet chili, tomato, garlic, olive oil, lime juice. The vegetables serve as a perfect accompaniment to support the bright richness. A meal sure to fuel any morning. . . . #haitianfood #haiti #ayiti #lakay #saltcod #haitianbreakfast #ggisglobal 🇭🇹"
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Hanging with Ginette our
"Hanging with Ginette our family cook. We had so many laughs. And so many great meals. My last dinner in Haiti was grilled fish that had been marinated in garlic, scotch bonnet chili and herbs. Along side diri ak djon djon, the classic Haitian black mushroom rice dish. Here Ginette is making “sos”. These classic Haitian gravies are made from left over meat or fish marinades, simmered with small shallots, onions and peppers that have been lightly fried in a bit of oil. We use olive. They are bright and tangy and have texture from the tender aromatics. . . . #haitianfood #haiti #ayiti #lakay #roots #culture #heritage #ggisglobal 🇭🇹❤️🙌🏾"
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