Esdras Ochoa

Chef, Owner
Esdras Ochoa

Los Angeles

About Esdras Ochoa

Chef Esdras Ochoa is the founder & executive chef at Mexicali Taco & Co., a popular taqueria in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as the partner at Salazar, a wildly popular Frogtown oasis of tacos, beer & cocktails. He is currently in Hong Kong with his new restaurant & bar 11 Westside in the Kennedy Town area. He desired to bring his flavors of Mexico to the local residents. Esdras is also the executive partner of Califas Taco--a popup taco concept, as well as 8A Hospitality, a full-service company focusing on corporate caterings, special events and hospitality management & consulting. He was born in Mexico City & grew up in Mexicali and the U.S. border town of Calexico, CA. Much of his childhood was crossing the border on weekends to partake in the culture and street food of Northern Baja. He was recently on the Netflix special, The Final Table.

At My Venues

Carne asada vampiro & chorizo cachetada
$, Outdoor Seating, Tacos, Chinatown
"These two dishes, eaten together, provide a great textural contrast. There's the crispy shell of the cachetada and the salty-smokiness of the chipotle sauce mixed with the chorizo. The vampiro is like a quesadilla with a creamy garlic sauce. This place is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 8 p.m. to midnight or when they sell out."