Misa Shikuma

Pastry Chef/Baker
Misa Shikuma

San Francisco

About Misa Shikuma

Pastry sous chef at Che Fico in San Francisco and film critic at large. I've covered film festivals in six different countries and worked in the kitchens of three.

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horchata sorbetti
$$, Pizza, Reservations, Italian, Alamo Square
"💜 Friends with snacks 💜 • 1️⃣ @intheweedz’s mapo chili dog / spicy cukes salad / mac salad 2️⃣ @francisang20’s BIG OL’ PLATE OF FILIPINO SMACKNESS @pinoyheritage 3️⃣ @davidnayfeld’s rigatoni amatriciana & 4️⃣ @iampinkerton’s horchata sorbetti @cheficoalimentari • #snacksonsnacks #friendswithfood #supportyourfriends"