Junko Mine

Pastry Chef/Baker
Junko Mine


About Junko Mine

Junko MIne started her adventure in pastry at one-year professional pastry program. After graduation, she landed a job at San Diego Yacht Club. A move to Los Angeles landed her at the Four Seasons, working with Pastry Chef Federico Fernandez. She then traveled north to Washington State. Mine went to The Willows Inn on Lummi Island, where she staged and then worked for Chef Blaine Wetzel. On Lummi, she grew fascinated with wild yeast and their DNA, subjects she further pursued working in a laboratory with geneticist Aimée M. Dudley. Now at Cafe Juanita in Kirkland, Mine is experimenting with natural yeast and working closely with Chef Holly Smith, whose simple-delicious philosophy inspires her. With an artistic lens and the ambition to bridge the gap between Japanese and American pastry, Mine embodies the honest, artful pastry and bread she creates. In 2015, Mine earned a StarChefs Rising Star Pastry Chef Award for her work. She is a James Beard 2019 semifinalist for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

At My Venues

Veal sweetbreads
$$$$, Italian, South Juanita
"This dish is perfect. Exquisitely cooked sweetbreads have the slightest crust, and taste simply of themselves. A scattering of Pantellerian capers, fried until they open like little flowers, top the dish, with a generous amount of intensely green, fried parsley. A drizzle of gorgeous, buttery olive oil completes the plate. Each element is essential, and comes together as a minimalist’s delight. This is the dish that made me want to cook for Holly Smith at Cafe Juanita. It took a single bite."