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Alex Stupak is the chef/owner of Empellón. He has a well-deserved reputation as one of the top pastry chefs in the U.S., although he actually trained in the culinary arts. In 2011, he decided to step away from the world of pastry and cook the type of food he loves to eat: Mexican cuisine. With a solid education from the CIA coupled with lessons learned from key mentors, he possess keen food business acumen and the ability to predict the changing palates of the populace—the perfect combination for a future of continued success.

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  • Best Chef: New York City Nominee
    James Beard Foundation
  • Winner
    Iron Chef America
  • Nominee for Best New Restaurant (Empellón Cocina)
    James Beard Foundation
  • Best New Chefs
    Food & Wine
  • Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America
    Pastry Art & Design magazine
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in NYC

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"Pâte de Fruit" candies of fruit purée, sugar, and pectin
$$$, Happy Hour, Mexican, Full Bar, Tacos, West Village
"Orange Jellies Pate de Fruit are traditional French candies made out of fruit puree, sugar, and pectin. Pastry chefs love to make them because they are not labor intensive to make and they are shelf stable. This is important because pastry chefs are often asked to make “mignardise” for the restaurants they work in so that there is something special to serve with the check at the end of the meal. This is exactly why we make them at Empellón. Lately, we have been making a tamarind flavor pate de fruit, cut into little cubes. The flavor of is awesome but we have decided that the color, stature and form were not grabbing the guests attention. We don't want anything to feel like an after thought, but simultaneously we need to make something that our servers can quickly place on a plate themselves due to our restaurant being both large and busy. When I was a child, my mom used to buy me these jelly style candies that were actually shaped and colored to look like slices of citrus fruit. They didn't have a fancy name like “pate de fruit” though. We just called them jellied fruit slices. I was so young when I used to eat these that I thought they were real fruit, just sweeter and prettier somehow. I asked our pastry chef, Justin Binnie if he could make these from my youth and it turns out that he could. These little orange jellies are formed to look like actual slices of orange. Because of the extra effort, they become instantly more special and much more difficult to pass up. Being that we are a Mexican inspired restaurant we also have the added bonus option of seasoning the jellies with a pinch of sal de gusanos at the table and serving it with a little shot of crema de mezcal as a gift for our most special guests."
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