Sarah  Bessade

Sarah Bessade

Los Angeles

About Sarah Bessade

Sarah Bessade is a young French-born restaurateur and the owner of Loupiotte Kitchen in Los Feliz (Los Angeles). She used to live in California during her studies, and then earned accolades back in France for her casual daytime restaurant Gabylou, located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Sarah used to live in a tiny apartment right above her restaurant, so she kept all her furniture and decoration at the restaurant — which gave it a very personal and warm atmosphere. She has since then sold off the project in order to move to Los Angeles and self-fund Loupiotte Kitchen, riffing on what she knows best with a variety of vegetable-focused dishes and breakfast-through-dinner service. Sarah is very involved in charity work and she has created Loupiotte Community, Loupiotte Kitchen’s initiative to give back to Los Angeles. A portion of every single pastry which is purchased at Loupiotte Kitchen will be given to Loupiotte Community, and then distributed every month to a different LA-based charity.