Craig Wallen

Craig Wallen


About Craig Wallen

Craig Wallen is the chef for Le Zoo. He enjoyed watching cooking shows while his friends were busy with cartoons. He couldn't have imagined that his entertainment of choice—watching chefs like Julia Child and Martin Yan sauté, braise, and chop on TV—would have such an impact on the rest of his life.

My Venues

  • Le Zoo
    9700 Collins Ave #135
    Bal Harbour, FL

Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

Going a little old school
"Going a little old school tonight...eggplant, house mozzarella, heirloom tomato and basil terrine. On the menu tonight celebrating summer and our farms. @#mozzarella"
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Melon spiced with sumac,
"Melon spiced with sumac, chilies and coriander, fairytale eggplant from the hearth, labneh, pistachio butter, baby basil and mint. One of the dishes we’re featuring this week to celebrate our farmers and summer. @#melon"
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Monkfish, tomatoes, fregola,
"Monkfish, tomatoes, fregola, summer squash, spiced tomato fumet, lemon zabaglione. New tonight. stceciliaatl"
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NC Flounder crudo,
"NC Flounder crudo, Castelvetrano olives, celery, Calabrian chili powder, hackelback caviar, opal basil. @#flounder"
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Beets & Peaches, whipped feta
"Beets & Peaches, whipped feta with buffalo burrata whey, green coriander vinaigrette, flowers. Thank you @#whathappenedtospring"
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