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Cleetus Friedman


About Cleetus Friedman

Chef Cleetus is the Executive Chef for the Events & Catering division of Caffe Baci; in addition to his line of goods-Crafted by Cleetus.

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  • Restaurant of the Year (City Provisions)
    Local Beet Chicago
  • Certified Three Star Green Restaurant
    Green Restaurant Association
  • Best Farm Dinner Series
    CBS Chicago
  • Best Things to Eat (City Provisions)
    Time Out Chicago
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in Chicago

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Behind the Scenes

Tres Leches with Salted
"Tres Leches with Salted Caramel Paired with @metrobrewing flywheel"
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Blueberry BBQ chicken thighs,
"Blueberry BBQ chicken thighs, lavender rice, crispy kale paired with @lynfredwinery vindy city white and @metrobrewing dynamo"
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Blistered summer squash and
"Blistered summer squash and carrot salad, purple scallion, purslane, fried masa, queso fresco paired with @lynfredwinery rose and @metrobrewing Jet Stream"
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Tomato and Cucumber gazpacho,
"Tomato and Cucumber gazpacho, sorrel creme fraiche paired with @metrobrewing magnetron"
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