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Michael Mina

San Francisco

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Chef Michael Mina co-founded the Mina Group with Andre Agassi in 2002. Under the auspices of the Mina Group, he has opened 30 operations. He has been honored with numerous accolades, including the Michelin two-star award and San Francisco Chronicle’s four-star award for the original MICHAEL MINA at San Francisco’s Westin St. Francis on Union Square, Michelin’s one-star award for MICHAEL MINA in Las Vegas as well as induction into the American Gaming Association’s Hall of Fame in 2007. He has been featured in numerous national medias and cooked for three U.S. presidents.

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Happy spoon oyster
$$$, Happy Hour, Sushi, Outdoor Seating, Japanese, Full Bar, Sake Bar, Financial
"I see why it is called the "happy spoon," as it has some of my favorite flavors and ingredients in Japanese food—oyster, uni, roe and ponzu cream. One perfect bite of happy! The textures are awesome, with the little pop of the roe and the smooth oyster and uni."
$$$, Happy Hour, Sushi, Outdoor Seating, Japanese, Full Bar, Sake Bar, Financial
"The "happy spoon" is just that, and I have fallen in love with the okonomiyaki. Say it five times fast."
Duck a l'orange
$$$, French, Cocktail,
"This is my favorite dish here. I love the use of confit and glazed duck wings, which are very seldomly used. They serve it with a maltaise sauce in a blood orange cup, but the duck a l’orange doesn't need it because it stands on its own. The redesigned dining room, from its days as American Fish, is perfect, too: the bar and dining room blend together as one, and the private dining room feels very much like a part of the main dining room."