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Gavin Kaysen

Minneapolis-Saint Paul

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For Chef Gavin Kaysen, an old soul at heart, this idea beckoned him back home to Minneapolis to open Spoon and Stable restaurant in the North Loop neighborhood in fall 2014. “Cooking is very emotional for me; I have to cook how I feel,” Kaysen says. “There’s something to be said for how you feel emotionally as one season gives way to the next, when it snows, rains, or is sunny. I never thought about that growing up here, but coming back, I see that now.”

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A beautiful and delicious new
"A beautiful and delicious new dish @spoonandstable by @chefnye - Tomato tart with buckwheat, herring, dill and Egyptian walking onions (they grow at the top of the onion and sprouts off the stalk near the flowers). #northernfood"
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The team @bellecourmn and I
"The team @bellecourmn and I are looking for a few dedicated cooks to round out our awesome team! Shoot Chef Nick Dugan an email if you are interested"
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Don’t miss the #ssramen
"Don’t miss the #ssramen tonight @spoonandstable by @adamjr231 ...Chicken/fish shio, fried soft shell crab, seafood mushroom, pickled watermelon radish, poached egg, shiso, cilantro, Thai basil - 10:30pm in the bar"
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A beauty of a special tonight
"A beauty of a special tonight @bellecourmn by @nrdugan - Santa Barbara Spot Prawns, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Stone Fruit....a taste of summer on a rainy day"
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Congratulations to the
"Congratulations to the hardworking and dedicated team @bellecourmn for being named one of the ten best new restaurants in the entire COUNTRY! Thank you @nrdugan @janasjeanie @dianemyang and many more for your leadership - thank you to the @robbreport for this honor - link in bio"
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This Yorkshire/Berkshire pork
"This Yorkshire/Berkshire pork has been cured and aging since December 26, 2016.....tonight we debut it on the @spoonandstable menu. We may be up #north but my boys in the #south would endorse this - this project and patience is brought to you by our chef @chefnye"
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