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Managing in an environment
"Managing in an environment where careers begin and end regularly can numb you to the importance of all. Through the recruiting process I get to interact with persons in transitionary phases, keeps me grounded and appreciating what’s really important. Be mindful of the opportunity in front of you everyday. Alternatively; sometimes life pushes you out of the nest and it’s time to flap your wings... #foiegraschateauforattention . #thereisnotry #thereisnosettle"
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Managing so many properties
"Managing so many properties gives a unique perspective on excellence. Ive never met a success who intended to anything less than that. The business concept is almost inconsequential.. Turmeric & Mandarine infused Kombucha Brine. Organic 🐓 Garden thyme, garlic for good measure.. #turmeric #spatchcock #broiledisthenewblack"
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The pacific north west is a
"The pacific north west is a treasure trove of amazing local product. These oyster mushrooms were so fresh it was as if the air surrounding them was slightly still, like they were surrounded by an aura of forest peacefulness.. #oystermushroom #localproduce #seattleart #midnightphotos"
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Red Miso & Calamansi Lime
"Red Miso & Calamansi Lime Broiled Shellfish. Kona Lobster, Kauai Shrimp, Kona Abalone, Yellowfoot Opihi. Decadent to say the least this preparation personifies the cuisine at @minasfishhouse as it capitalized on the local bounty and layers in bold flavors. So sad to go today but I’m really proud of what we have accomplished. Can’t wait to see where this project takes us. #opihi #abalone #konalobster #kauaishrimp @chefmichaelmina"
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This morning I’m grateful to
"This morning I’m grateful to manage in an environment where challenging the norm and questioning the status quo is a strength.. @dwvarley #kaizen Yellowfoot #opihi , a limpit local to Oahu. Similar to #abalone in its texture but the oceanic flavors are significantly more herbaceous. Featured broiled with #redmiso or chilled with vinaigrette at @minasfishhouse startling December 14th.."
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