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Josh Capon

New York City

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Josh Capon is the seasoned executive chef and partner behind Lure Fishbar, Sessanta Ristorante, Bowery Meat Company, B&B Winepub and El Toro Blanco in New York City. He is the host of Spike TV's first food series, Frankenfood. He is also a four-time champion of Rachael Ray’s annual Burger Bash competition.

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  • All-Star Eateries (Lure Fish Bar)
    Forbes magazine
  • Host
  • Guest Judge
  • Most Over-the-Top Burgers (Burger & Barrel)
    Eater New York
  • Top Five Burgers in NY (Burger & Barrel)
    Serious Eats

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Hope everyone had a Fun, Safe
"Hope everyone had a Fun, Safe and Tasty July 4th! No better way to celebrate then with a Whole Lotta Hog!🐖🐖🐖 🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸"
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Huevos Rancheros for Brunch
"Huevos Rancheros for Brunch @eltoroblanconyc.... Muy Delicioso!! Open at 11am on Saturday and Sunday."
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If you know me then you know I
"If you know me then you know I LOVE dumplings and the dumplings @lurefishbar for Sat and Sunday Dim Sum are STRONG!"
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Great Game!! Great Food!!
"Great Game!! Great Food!! Great CREW!! Killer Cheesesteaks!! Congrats to all Philly Fans on One Hell of a Superbowl!!"
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