Michael Caballo

My Venues

  • Edulis
    169 Niagara St
    Toronto, ON


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Where I Go Out

At My Venues

Lightly smoked herring "à l'huile"
Lightly smoked herring "à l'huile"
$, Mediterranean, Niagara
"I love herring, and here I get to order a whole dish of smoked herring bathing in olive oil (and can help myself to as much as I want). I’m still not really sure if I order this dish for the succulent fish or for the stunning side of warm potato salad."
Chantecler chicken baked in hay
Chantecler chicken baked in hay
$, Mediterranean, Niagara
"Foods that remind me of my childhood are always a lingering favourite. This dish speaks to my childhood and leaves me wanting to come back for more. It's a must-have but be sure to pre-order it before you come in for dinner."