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Last Night. Course Three. 
"Last Night. Course Three. 28 Day Dry Aged Carter Country Ranch Grass Fed New York, parm herb crust, burnt onion demi, grilled and dehydrated courgettes, blossom stuffed with creamy crushed zucchini, sautéed lion’s mane mushroom, charred onion, arugula flowers. Paired with both 2005 Rudd Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and 2005 Château Prieré-Lichine Bordeaux side by side. Thank you @boulderbutcher And @cartercountrymeats for the beautiful New York, @weiserfamilyfarms for the onions we burned ( and @dcberan for the inspiration), @electriccitybutcher for the sexy demi, @black_sheep_farms2013 for the charred onion, @kanesfamilyfarm for the lion’s mane shrooms, @jimenezfamilyfarm for the blossoms, and @windrosefarm for the arugula flowers. Happy Birthday, @brad_morrice! #drinkmorewine #eatgoodfood #lifeisbeautiful"
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Course Two.
GonesStraw Farms
"Course Two. GonesStraw Farms Local Pasture Raised Duck, seared breast glazed with peach, confit leg, roasted duck jus, sweet and salty yellow peach, purple broccolini with cured duck yolk, purple mustards dressed in duck fat and california peach vinegar. Paired with both 2010 Hanzell Sonoma Pinot Noir and 2010 Beaux Freres Willamette Valley Pinot Noir side by side. Thank you to @gonestraw_farms for the ducks, @electriccitybutcher for the cured yolk, @regierfamilyfarms for the peaches, and @smfms for the purple broccolini and mustards. @cheflpulizzi killed it on execution last night, while I got to sit and enjoy the whole experience. Thank you, Chef! And thanks again @ernestoargueta53 @joesagona @reburticus for the hard work!! Happy Birthday, @brad_morrice!"
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You can always count on the
"You can always count on the most beautiful veggies from Black Sheep Farms. Edgar farms for chefs, and you can certainly tell. He is passionate about delivering the best of the best. Get yourself to the best farmers market in OC on Saturdays from 9am-1pm @orangehomegrown. I’m picturing these colorful little heads of cauliflower tossed in Terrace Hill EVOO with some flaky Jacobsen sea salt, and roasted over a fire. @black_sheep_farms2013 @terracehill_oliveoil @jacobsensaltco #farmersmarket #oldtowneorange #orangecounty #vegetables #supportlocal"
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The last bit of sunlight made
"The last bit of sunlight made this tiradito of scallop and Santa Barbara spot prawns glow, just before being finished by the chef and swept away to the long table of 150 guests in the field. Chef Virgilio Martinez Véliz | Outstanding in the Field | Weiser Family Farm |Tehachapi | 5.28.2018 @virgiliocentral @out_inthefield @weiserfamilyfarms"
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