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Caitlin Freeman

San Francisco

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Caitlin Freeman is an author and a pastry chef for Blue Bottle Coffee. A self taught baker, she is the former owner of the San Francisco cake and sweets shop Miette, she made a name for herself creating simple and lovely cakes and cupcakes using local and organic ingredients.

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    Modern Art Desserts
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    The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee
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    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

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Cold brew on tap. All day,
"Cold brew on tap. All day, every day."
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House-made chocolate chip
"House-made chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please."
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To delight and satiate you on
"To delight and satiate you on your morning commute, select New York cafes are now serving these delicious, buttery croissants. You can find these treats at the World Trade Center, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Park Slope, and Rockefeller Center."
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This transcendent coffee was
"This transcendent coffee was smuggled out of war-torn Yemen by coffee hero and humanitarian @portofmokha. We’re offering it in exclusive release at our cafes, with a cookie inspired by Mokhtar’s mother’s Yemeni sweetbread. - This is the $16 coffee you’ve heard so much about—and the cost is a reflection of its preciousness, rarity, and its circumstances. Coffee being cultivated in the midst of war sustains its farmers and its community and is exceptionally difficult to import because of the danger posed to its coffee buyers. - $1 from every purchase goes to The Mokha Foundation—@bluebottlejames once described it as the taste of “angels singing.” - Link in profile for cafe locations. More special @portofmokha products coming soon to"
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An early morning Gibraltar to
"An early morning Gibraltar to start this week off right. Cheers to a delicious Monday."
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This is a normal amount of
"This is a normal amount of coffee for Monday morning, right? - 📷: Barista and rosetta extraordinaire @geislovesrice ✨"
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