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Ricky Yap is a the sushi chef for KRU Contemporary Japanese Cuisine. He studied at California State University, Sacramento, and fell into the world of sushi when he landed a part-time job at Tokyo Fro’s. He went on to star in San Francisco and turned heads when his food at Akiko’s Restaurant earned a glowing review in the San Francisco Chronicle.


  • Three Stars
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Top 10 New Restaurants
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Seven Top Sushi Spots Around San Francisco
    7x7 magazine
  • "Raising the Sushi Bar"
    San Francisco magazine
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

My Venues

  • Kru
    3135 Folsom Blvd
    Sacramento, CA

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My day one dude.  I wish you
"My day one dude. I wish you the best in your future. Keep grinding, keep striving for better and never settle. Be the best #engineer you can. 👆"
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Meet Mr. keiji Nakazawa. Aka
"Meet Mr. keiji Nakazawa. Aka the chef that kicked out the Michelin guide cause he felt they wouldn't understand his food. But some will call him Grand Master or living legend, and I will fully agree without any doubt. If you ever get a chance you eat at his or any of his apprentices establishments I highly recommended it."
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