Michael Recchiuti

Michael Recchiuti

San Francisco

About Michael Recchiuti

Michael Recchiuti is the pastry chef/co-founder of Reccchiuti Confections. A self-trained chocolatier, founded Recchiuti Confections with the idea that meticulously sourcing ingredients, hand-crafting confections in small batches and using traditional European techniques would make Recchiuti Confections a necessary indulgence and create an obsession for artisan chocolate nationwide.


  • Nominee for Best Cookbook (Chocolate Obsession)
    James Beard Foundation
  • Outstanding Fine Chocolatier Award
    Fine Chocolate Industry Association
  • First American Ambassador
    Valrhona Chocolates
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

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Star anise & pink peppercorn truffle
Desserts, Candy Store, Gourmet, Embarcadero
"You can always count on Michael Recchiuti to come up with innovative chocolates. Over the years, I have eaten my way through the display case in his Ferry Plaza Building store and have never been disappointed. This is one of the places I always tell visitors to go to, and this is the chocolate I always insist they try."
Chocolate and whiskey
Desserts, Candy Store, Gourmet, Embarcadero
"@onewomansperspective knows a good whiskey isn't just for the boys! Our Whiskey Pairing Collection includes truffles like Honeycomb Malt and Kona Coffee to pair perfectly with Mom's favorite barrel aged Bourbon or single malt Whiskey. #Recchiuti #chocolate #whiskey #bourbon #truffle #mothersdaygift #honeycomb #kona #sf"
At my venues
Whoopie cake with honey thyme
Desserts, Candy Store, Gourmet, Embarcadero
"We think our new Honey Thyme Whoopie Cakes are the bees knees 🐝 The seasonal cakes are made with @eatwellfarm thyme and @marshallsfarmont honey and are selling out fast! Available at our @ferry_building shop and online. #recchiuti #cake #honey #thyme #chocolate #herbs #fresh #spring #ferrybuilding #dogpatch #beesknees #🐝"
At my venues