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Michael Recchiuti

San Francisco

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Michael Recchiuti is the pastry chef/co-founder of Reccchiuti Confections. A self-trained chocolatier, founded Recchiuti Confections with the idea that meticulously sourcing ingredients, hand-crafting confections in small batches and using traditional European techniques would make Recchiuti Confections a necessary indulgence and create an obsession for artisan chocolate nationwide.

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  • Nominee for Best Cookbook (Chocolate Obsession)
    James Beard Foundation
  • Outstanding Fine Chocolatier Award
    Fine Chocolate Industry Association
  • First American Ambassador
    Valrhona Chocolates
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

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Behind the Scenes

We have the scoop on all the
"We have the scoop on all the treats Pops won't be able to put down this Father's Day! Poppable Burnt Caramel Almond, Burnt Caramel Hazelnuts, Malted Dark Milk Revolutions, and Cherries Two Ways are available loose at theLab in Dogpatch so you can mix and match his favorite assortment. #sanfrancisco"
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Today in the RC kitchen -
"Today in the RC kitchen - White chocolate ganache infused with toasted barley malt is hand topped with pieces of house-made honeycomb before being enrobed in dark milk chocolate. #sanfrancisco"
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Hello Friday, Hello Mocha
"Hello Friday, Hello Mocha Whoopies! Fresh batches of these addictive cakes are available at theLab in Dogpatch every Friday. They're made with an infusion of @#dessert"
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On a rainy day, Fleur de Sel
"On a rainy day, Fleur de Sel Caramels cure just about everything. ☔️ Stay dry, San Francisco. #sanfrancisco"
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Thursdays mean Grahams and
"Thursdays mean Grahams and Marshmallows in the Recchiuti kitchen. Check out today's story to get a glimpse at the making of our S'mores Bites. #howitsmade"
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