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Jacob Des Voignes

San Francisco

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Jacob Des Voignes is the charcuterie at Local Mission Market. After bookishly researched cooking technique and history, read “White Heat” by Marco Pierre White, and learned that food could be art and not just a meal, he began his career in cooking. Soon after, the Northern California native replanted his roots in San Francisco at the Fifth Floor with Melissa Perrelo where he earned a Michelin Star.

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Don't usually share images
"Don't usually share images from personal eating. Yet the Jewish New Year and big life changes made our tour of @mikesolomonov Philadelphia restaurants as meaningful as they were delicious. Scenes from the tour, including the gifted and signed book after a chance encounter with Michael. Thank you. Hope I can return the favor to you someday in San Francisco. Dinner at @roostersoupco Next night @zahavrestaurant, eaten salatim and dessert with Arak. Donuts and fried chicken from @federaldonuts with pita and hummus from Dizingof Dinner at @abefisher_philly. Tehina shake from @goldiefalafel"
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California Sheephead from
"California Sheephead from @2byc. Unbelievably beautiful fish, with firm flesh. Come and get it. #thelocalway"
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Taste tasting new popcorn
"Taste tasting new popcorn flavors w/ house dried and locally sourced kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chili, Thai basil, Curry leaves, and shrimp. #thelocalway #sooooooodelicious"
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Santa Rosa plums from
"Santa Rosa plums from Ciponneri Farms. First of the season. Only 20lbs. #thelocalway"
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