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  • Nominee for Outstanding Pastry Chef
    James Beard Foundation
  • Nominee for Culinary Excellence
    Jean Banchet Award
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in CHI

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A heaping 1/3 of a cup. Fist
"A heaping 1/3 of a cup. Fist for scale."
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It’s pi(e) day, 3.14, get it?!
"It’s pi(e) day, 3.14, get it?! Cute puns aside, we are celebrating at @erikaachan. If you’re I the west loop, join the pi(e) Party and grab a slice, or cobble together your own frankenpie with your choice of flavors! You’re looking at Lemon Meringue pie, bourbon pecan pie, strawberry cheesecake pie, peanut butter mousse pie, chocolate chess pie, and the show stopper, a lattice topped caramel apple pie. Don’t let this delicious “holiday” pass you by!! 📷: erika Chan"
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A special cookie jar at
"A special cookie jar at @Publicananker is filled with the cookies inspired by the women who inspire us! Along with the jar filled with these sweet goodies, you’ll find stories about the amazing women who brought these cookies to life. Come tonight, think about the women who have impacted your own lives, and take the left overs home :)"
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Today is international women’s
"Today is international women’s day and many of the female pastry chefs around the city are helping us celebrate with “cookies inspired by the women who inspire us” Available today on the counter at @publicanquality meats all day, where you can mix and match to your hearts delight! This evening you’ll find these cookies filling cookie jars at @publicananker as well. 100% of the proceeds, along with a dozen of each cookie are being donated to @debsplacechi, a center for community services that has been serving women and their children in chicago for decades."
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The February chocolate chip
"The February chocolate chip cookie day selection. Across the top are our seasonal friends- a chocolate chip cookie topped muffin, a Black Forest cherry cookie, a red velvet chocolate chip whoopee pie, and a strawberry chocolate chip rice crispy treat that’s better than the dipped fruit!"
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