Craig Thornton

Craig Thornton

Los Angeles

About Craig Thornton

Craig Thornton is the chef/owner of wolvesmouth. He took a rather unusual career path, leading him to a rather unusual professional situation. He cooks, preps, and shops almost entirely by himself.

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Behind the Scenes

blueberry. blueberry crepe.
"blueberry. blueberry crepe. butterscotch pudding. honey coconut crunch. dehydrated yogurt cake. salted cashew. blueberry meringue. port. lemon."
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pork. strawberry piquillo
"pork. strawberry piquillo gazpacho. haricot vert. leek. candied peanut. parsley. crunchy piquillo. piquillo and onion croquette. charred strawberry."
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parsnip velouté. crispy
"parsnip velouté. crispy potato. smoked creme fraiche. chicken glacé. dill. mint gnocchi. gruyere. green apple."
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halibut. candied lemon gelee.
"halibut. candied lemon gelee. pea risotto (snap peas in place of rice). grilled zucchini. smoked branzino salad. tarragon oil. tarragon chicharron."
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flashback.. galactic..
"flashback.. galactic.. asparagus. lemon. squid ink mascarpone gnocchi. parm. candied lemon gelee. asparagus purée."
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