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Nick Muncy

San Francisco

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Nick Muncy is a pastry chef who is currently the founder of the TOOTH-ACHE, a culinary magazine made for chefs by chefs. He is also currently sharing recipes on his website NICK MUNCY. After graduating from the Art Institute with a degree in Culinary Arts, he went on to refine his skill under the best chefs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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  • Zagat 30 under 30
  • Young Gun Semifinalist
    Eater SF
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

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Behind the Scenes

Pasta di Grana Fermenta from
"Pasta di Grana Fermenta from @thebejkr1. Freshly milled whole grain and wild fermented. I cooked some up for lunch. Smells and tastes so good. 🍝💣"
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Citrus tart ring idea in
"Citrus tart ring idea in development. This is the first test version that I put together last night. Thinking of possibly doing a story for @toothache_mag documenting the process of creating a new dish with all of its failures, frustrations, and successes. Hopefully the story will have a happy ending."
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Elote Helado! 🍦🍨🌽
"Elote Helado! 🍦🍨🌽"
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Around this time I usually
"Around this time I usually post a collage of all the desserts I’ve made in the past year. This year has been a strange one, and I still can’t believe that after working in restaurants my whole life, I am now making magazines. I’m not calling it quits on being a pastry chef, but I’m excited to see what 2018 brings @#forchefsbychefs"
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Another shot of the chocolate,
"Another shot of the chocolate, coconut and Pandan dish from the @dandelionchocolate dinner."
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Dark chocolate, coconut and
"Dark chocolate, coconut and Pandan dessert from last night’s @dandelionchocolate 🍫🥥🌱"
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