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Bryce Shuman

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Bryce Shuman is the Corporate Director, Culinary for Sydell Group. He may have grown up mostly in North Carolina, but his cultural anthropologist mom made sure his exposure to the world (and its food) was as broad as it could be. She took the whole family on field trips to the jungles of Costa Rica and all the way to the Arctic.

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  • Nominee: Best New Restaurant
    James Beard Foundation
  • Restaurant of the Year
    Esquire magazine
  • Three Stars
    The New York Times
  • Four Stars
    Time Out New York
  • Best of the Best
    Robb Report Magazine
  • Best New Chefs
    Food & Wine

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Behind the Scenes

Red Rice, Datshi, Cordyceps,
"Red Rice, Datshi, Cordyceps, Osetra Caviar Bhutanese red rice is milled into a flour. After, we make noodles, and toss them with a little fresh black pepper. A creamy sauce is made from the local datshi, a cheese curd similar to a crumbly ricotta. Fresh cordyceps, foraged at 15,000 ft. are dried and pulverized into a powder to finish the plate. From a dinner highlighting the ingredients of Bhutan at @amankorabhutan."
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Thingye Pepper. (Bhutanese
"Thingye Pepper. (Bhutanese Sichuan Peppercorn.) These are the best I have ever tasted."
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This Thanksgiving dont forget
"This Thanksgiving dont forget about the crispy skin! Frying my first turkey this year... stay tuned. 📷:@signebirck"
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Cucumbers and Dill, Grilled
"Cucumbers and Dill, Grilled Sourdough, Full Cream Yogurt at the soon to be #PrimroseLV... Coming soon 😉"
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Sweet Potato, Buckwheat,
"Sweet Potato, Buckwheat, Spices Shot by the incredible @signebirck ! I love this dish because it closely embodies my philosophy of "one dish, one voice". I constantly challenge the cooks by asking them "how do you invent the apple pie", How do you create a dish that is one complete thought, a delicious plate of food that has one vision? These are the dishes that endure. We endeavor to achieve this by stripping away all ingredients and components that are not necessary to achieve this goal, focusing only on those that are essential. A confit and candied slice of sweet potato creates a jewel box of sorts with thin sweet potato custard walls, encasing milk gelato, spiced creme chantilly, puffed buckwheat, and a buckwheat honey gastrique. Crunchy Maldon salt on top right before it heads to our guests."
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