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Next up in our Guest Chef
"Next up in our Guest Chef Collaboration Series, Tokyo PB&J with Japanese Whisky-Spiked Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter, and Caramelized White Chocolate Feuilletine! Made in collaboration with chef Gabriel Rucker of @lepigeonpdx in Portland, this flavor leans on some traditional Japanese ingredients, channeling Gabe’s unique global palate. We start by toasting white rice until it’s super dark, then steeping the rice into cream along with white soy sauce. The resulting ice cream gets studded with peanut butter-enrobed feuilletine and a ripple of whisky-soaked strawberries. Every scoop is a masterpiece!"
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It's National Rocky Road Day,
"It's National Rocky Road Day, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than with @food.face.travel!)"
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Introducing Roasted Beets &
"Introducing Roasted Beets & Humboldt Fog with Apple-Beet Jam & Candied Walnuts! This technicolor flavor was created in close collaboration with Chef Brian Malarkey of Herb & Wood in San Diego. Chef Brian first moved to San Diego to helm Oceanaire, where he earned a reputation for his modern and flavorful approach to seafood. A season Top Chef later, Brian’s “celebrity-chefdom” led to the opening of @herbandwood in 2016, where his dishes have become known for integrating a ton of acidity and intensely beautiful flavors, focusing on utilizing the bounty of Southern California farms. The flavor we created together is deceptively simple, featuring very few ingredients—beets, goat cheese, apples—that each come through in every scoop in ways that will blow your mind. Each scoop of this ice cream whirls together beet ice cream and goat cheese gelato, while candied walnuts shotgun themselves through both layers alongside a punchy swirl of bright beet and apple jam."
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Are you team cone or team
"Are you team cone or team cup?! (Thanks for the photo, @truewrong!)"
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We try not to hold back on
"We try not to hold back on chocolate. Case in point? @bonappetit_yvr!)"
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Dozens of pints of Heart Cold
"Dozens of pints of Heart Cold Brew Chamomile Sorbet, freshly packed and ready for your freezers, Portland! When we sat down to start discussing this flavor with the folks at @HeartRoasters, they told us that they really wanted to showcase the beautiful floral notes of their coffee. After a bit of brainstorming, we all realized that a sorbet would best allow those floral notes to shine through! We made a simple cold brew sorbet with their Reko beans from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and add a splash of cashew milk to round out the natural acidity of cold brew in this vegan and gluten-free. flavor."
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