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Yoni Levy

San Francisco

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Yoni Levy is the chef for Outerlands. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, during which time he externed at Bradley Ogden’s One Market in San Francisco. He worked at various restaurants around the nation. At Outlerlands, he joins forces with Pastry Chef Brooke Mosley to create crave-inducing California cuisine with an international edge.

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      Beef tongue fresh out that
      "Beef tongue fresh out that corned beef brine. Off to be poached and chilled and sliced for you this week! #🌭party"
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      The year was 2006(I think). I
      "The year was 2006(I think). I worked for a chef named @samkassdc together we cooked for a few families and were food activists. Sam introduced me to my most favorite Mexican restaurant of all time, Nuevo León in Chicago. He also introduced me to the dish “langua a la mexicana” over the years I’ve tried to recreate this dish, probably 50 times. Last year I even had a version on my menu. Today,a rare rainy day in San Francisco, I made it for family meal using tongue I bought from @creamco_meats thanks Sam for the great memory. #tastememory #perksofbeingachef"
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      That Valentine’s Day prep.
      "That Valentine’s Day prep. @marydenham is finishing her rocky road icecream sandwiches for tonight."
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