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Heidi Gibson

San Francisco

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Heidi Gibson is an author and chef/co-owner of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Recently laid off her office job, and just winning her 7th national grilled cheese championship (a hobby!), she and her partner cashed in their savings and decided to go pro.

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  • Best US Restaurant Opening
    Food & Wine magazine
  • Seven-Time National Grilled Cheese Champion
    Grilled Cheese Invitational
  • "Grilled cheese engineer"
    SF Weekly
  • Author
    "Grilled Cheese Kitchen: Bread + Cheese + Everything in Between", Chronicle Books

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Behind the Scenes

The korvapuusti came out
"The korvapuusti came out delish. AND I got to say 'korvapuusti' like 10 more times. #korvapuusti"
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Found on today's walk around
"Found on today's walk around the neighborhood: Buddha's Hand Citron!"
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It's the billion biscuit
"It's the billion biscuit march.. making dinner for Napa fire victims @djazzberry !!"
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Hard to get the pocket
"Hard to get the pocket protectors into our selfie.. hennajuliet"
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Team E=MC Hammer reporting for
"Team E=MC Hammer reporting for duty at mchammer proud!"
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