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Chris Jones

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Chris Jones is the Culinary Director of Innovation at Hampton Creek Foods, a company that sells plant-based foods. Before taking on the role of trying to change how we view food, he was the chef for the popular french restaurant Gaspar Brasserie. He was also a contestant on the ninth season of Top Chef.

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An accurate representation of
"An accurate representation of how your brain feels after adjusting labor and inputting monthly inventory hellolisalin ・・・ i find the noise/visual of sizzling hot oil on red pepper flakes oddly satisfying and therapeutic. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️ #imsoweird . . . . #humpday"
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Yeah but how many were eaten
"Yeah but how many were eaten to assure quality control? viderichocolate ・・・ Working double time to assemble these gorgeous Valentine’s Day 15 piece boxes! Stop by the store and snag one today before they are all gone! #welovelove"
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Tag someone you want to get a
"Tag someone you want to get a drink with tonight dnooooff ・・・ There is only one reason to go to rgressel"
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Good morning! 
"Good morning! leewolen ・・・ Slow roasted pork collar finished with a lot of brown butter @bokachicago"
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Caption this 
"Caption this yblinc ・・・ That was yesterday night in collaboration with the artist @#foodart"
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