Hooni Kim

Hooni Kim

New York City

About Hooni Kim

Hooni Kim is the chef/owner of Hanjan and Danji. Koreatown might be a mainstay in New York City dining (and we’re happy to have it). But even while we get our fill of rice, noodle, and barbecue staples, chefs like him are quietly leading a revolution, bringing Korean food to a higher plane on American culinary shores with bold flavors and an emphasis on the quality of ingredients.

My Venues

  • Danji
    346 W 52nd St
    New York, NY
  • Hanjan
    36 W 26th St
    New York, NY


  • 10 Best Restaurants of 2013 (Hanjan)
    New York Times
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Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

I was told the tangsooyook was
"I was told the tangsooyook was awesome. I couldn’t taste because the batter had wheat flour. The jjajang, jjamppong, and japchae-bap were all pretty bland. Actually very bland to me. Not a place for me 😔 but if you tend to prefer low sodium then this place will work for u. #탕수육 #짜장면 #짬뽕 #잡채밥 #송쉐프"
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My first time here at Jeju
"My first time here at Jeju Shinhwa World and it’s awesome!! The resort has 30+ eateries, biggest pool I’ve seen in Korea, and even a casino. Best restaurant here is #삼거리푸줏간 for bbq pork collar and belly. #재주도"
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Korean style boodae steak and
"Korean style boodae steak and jjigae. This restaurant is one of many that have been serving budae jjigae for 40-50 years on this street near Sookmyung Univ in Seoul. #서지스테이크 #부대찌개"
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