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Hooni Kim is the chef/owner of Hanjan and Danji. Koreatown might be a mainstay in New York City dining (and we’re happy to have it). But even while we get our fill of rice, noodle, and barbecue staples, chefs like him are quietly leading a revolution, bringing Korean food to a higher plane on American culinary shores with bold flavors and an emphasis on the quality of ingredients.


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Spicy whelk salad with buckwheat noodles
$$, Korean, Full Bar, Midtown
"Chef Hooni Kim says this dish, inspired by the traditional Korean golbaengi muchim, is a summer dish, but I can have it any time of the year—or in any meal, for that matter! Soba noodles are tossed with cucumber, aromatics, and steamed whelk (a type of sea snail) in a sweet and savory dressing made of kochujang, rice vinegar, garlic, and johakuto sugar from Japan. Go at lunch time for the bigger portion sizes."
Aged kimchi jjigae
Aged kimchi jjigae
$$, Korean, Full Bar, Gastropub, Cocktail, Midtown
"Hanjan’s aged kimchi jjigae is back on the menu. This month’s kimchi was made in May so it’s been fermenting for 6 whole months. Thanks for the awesome pic @mattbruck! @hanjan.nyc #묵은지 #김치찌개 #koreanfood #noMSG #nopreservatives #nochemicals #naturalingredients #ingredientsmatter"
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