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Chef Ivan Orkin is the chef/owner of Ivan Ramen. A self described “Jewish Kid from Long Island”, he realized his dream of cooking while doing it in Japan on his terms. Armed with a degree in Japanese from the University of Colorado Boulder, he immediately moved to Japan upon graduating and cemented his love of everything Japanese.

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Awesome find, Torigin in
"Awesome find, Torigin in Ginza. Classic shokudo specializing in kamameshi and yakitori. Criminally cheap and delicious. 8000¥ for three people with beer!"
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Truly spectacular bowl of Shio
"Truly spectacular bowl of Shio Ramen at Ramen Sugimoto, pretty blown away. Make the trip, pretty easy to get to from Shinjuku. #tokyoramen #comfortfood"
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Probably the best Izakaya I’ve
"Probably the best Izakaya I’ve been to in a long time, Shinpo in Nishi Ogikubo. Ingredient driven, perfect technique, absolutely delightful! Two locations try to reserve if you can as it’s very popular. Already planning my return. This was the second location."
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Iseya is a yakitori joint
"Iseya is a yakitori joint that’s been around forever in Kichijoji. Don’t expect culinary fireworks but at $5 a beer and about a buck a stick there’s not much to complain about. Today it was a mid afternoon snack and it was perfect! #tokyo #streetfood #yakitori"
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Tonkatsu!  It’s not a complete
"Tonkatsu! It’s not a complete visit to Tokyo without tucking into a plate of crispy fried pork cutlets, and Tonki always lives up to the hype. Sit at the counter if you can for extra fireworks."
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Gyu Katsu Sando!  One of the
"Gyu Katsu Sando! One of the many delights at Kirakutei in Kugayama. Can never go there enough!"
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