Flow with the Artichoke

Flow with the Artichoke

Artichoke got flow, yo.

Angelini Osteria

$$$ItalianLos Angeles
1 Review

"I love to start dinner here with these tender, sweet Roman-style artichokes. Even my five-year old loves them. They melt in your mouth, and they're nothing like you ever thought artichokes could taste."


1 Review

"The best spinach artichoke dip. Ever. It's always the same: steaming hot, crispy warm chips, and served with fresh sour cream and Pace picante sauce on the side. It's dangerously tasty; eat too much and you're full before the meal!"

Hillstone Restaurant

$$$Modern, Traditional, AmericanDallas
1 Review

"This is a simple dish: the artichoke is halved, the choke is removed, and it's grilled over hickory, so it has a hint of smoke. It’s perfectly executed every time, and it’s fun to share with others."

Chris Ward
Chef Chris Ward
The Mercury


$$$Modern, American, Takes ReservationsNew York
1 Review

"Chef Josh Eden has always known how to make the perfect soup. This Jerusalem artichoke soup with brown butter and sunchoke chips is a delicious classic."

Wylie Dufresne
Chef Wylie Dufresne
Consulting Chef

Blue Collar

$$Breakfast/Brunch, Modern, AmericanMiami
1 Review

"This place has an awesome brunch menu with many delicious items, but this one takes the cake. The tanginess from the brined artichokes really enhances the creaminess of the poached egg, then you get some of the aioli which brings it all together. Get there early!"

Miguel Aguilar
Chef Miguel Aguilar
Wynwood Kitchen & Bar


$$Steakhouse, Modern, Traditional, AmericanAtlanta
1 Review

"When my sister and I were children, my Aunt Frances would steam artichokes and stuff them with breadcrumbs and butter. The grilled artichoke at Houston’s reminds me of this traditional Italian dish."


$$$$Moroccan, MediterraneanSan Francisco
1 Review

"Honestly this dish was no tastier than every other dish. It was all amazing! But many chefs struggle to get octopus perfectly tender. There's nothing worse than rubbery octopus. This baby was like butter. It was simply perfect."

Marisa Churchill
Chef Marisa Churchill
Consulting Chef