Gettin' Braisy

Gettin' Braisy

Spend some time getting to know your braisy side 😉.

The Bazaar by José Andrés

$$$$Spanish/PortugueseLos Angeles
1 Review

"This is the most perfectly executed protein dish I've had in Los Angeles. The cheeks are cooked sous-vide then pan-seared and served with just a little jus for the best of both worlds: slow-cooked meat that's so tender it can be cut with a spoon, and browning it in a pan for the sucre to make a delicious sauce."

Farid Zadi
Chef Farid Zadi
Revolutionario: North African Tacos

Aria Restaurant

$$$Full Bar, Modern, AmericanAtlanta
1 Review

"Braised for hours in a high quality red wine from his expansive cellar located in the basement of the restaurant, the additional elements presented on the plate change with the season, but always provide a wonderful pairing. The boneless short rib is expertly seasoned and cooked beautifully, collapsing into tender, meaty velvet with a mere prodding of your fork. Highly recommended."