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Phở gà

Expert Recommendations

"This place is great for hangovers but also any chilly SF day. You can order it with white meat only, skin off, dark meat only, you name it! I get mine with the skin off, a side of rare steak and a fresh coconut water—and then put extra sriracha, chilies, and lemon in it."
"By now it almost goes without saying, but this is one of the more popular dishes in San Francisco. I consider it the "asian chicken noodle soup." The best way to eat it takes work but it guarantees an umami bomb with each bite: marinate your jalapeños in fish sauce first, then place some in your soup spoon, add some noodles, scoop up some of the broth and finally add a dollop of Sriracha on top to get a touch of sweetness. That right there is a perfect bite."
"This is the perfect breakfast. Eating it makes you feel like Super Mario when he gets the star. I swear that boost sound actually happens, and you leave feeling ready to throw down on your day."
"This is the best phở gà in the Bay Area. It's simple and clean. Although the cost has increased over the years, it is still a decent value and the best hangover cure, hands down. Plus, the noodles really don't stick and are perfectly cooked."

Also at Turtle Tower #3