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Dan dan noodles

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"I love the sweet and sour flavor of the pork tossed through the thin Chinese noodles at Han Dynasty. Plus, owner Han Chiang is always fun to hang out with!"
"Han Dynasty serves great Sichuan Chinese food. These noodles have great flavor, are super spicy, and have just the right kick."
"If there is one noodle dish that is a must-have in the city, it can only be Han Dynasty’s dan dan noodles. The heat of the Szechuan peppers combined with the noodles—and of course, other 'secret ingredients'—make this dish sublimely delicious."
"I can't put down this bowl. I won't put this bowl down. The thick noodles tossed with minced pork and chili oil at Han Dynasty assaults every bit of your palate and leaves you wanting more."
"Deliciously crispy pork crumbles fleck this bowl of buttery feeling noodles slicked with Han Chiang's chili oil. So simple, but unforgettable. It's a frequent craving."
"These Sichuan noodles at Old City's Han Dynasty have the right amount of sweet and heat. Chef-owner Han Chiang keeps you thinking about them and wanting to go back for more."

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