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Farmhouse Platter

Farmhouse Platter


$$$, Modern, Full Bar, Cocktail

Expert Recommendations

"Nick Macri, who makes the charcuterie at Southwark, has talent and passion that shines through. I always get the Farmhouse Platter, a mix of cheeses, housemade charcuterie, fruit, nuts, olives, and bread. It’s all amazing, but my favorite is any Heritage Breed sausage Nick makes."
"For those who think Southwark is just a bar, they are sorely mistaken! I love their charcuterie, which is showcased with cheeses, fruit, olives, and bread on their Farmhouse Platter. The variety and great choices they make on their rotations are killer. Anything pork is amazing."
"Pâté, Nick Macri's charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, and fruit all come together on this shareable platter at Southwark. It's one of the best ways to start a meal in Philadelphia."
"No matter what is included in the Farmhouse Platter on the day you visit Southwark, it will not disappoint. Cheese, olives, Nick Macri's housemade charcuterie, and an impeccable Manhattan from co-owner Kip Waide—how can you go wrong?"
"Nick Macri, who makes all the cured meats for Southwark, knows his craft. This plate also features olives and artisanal cheeses, but the mix of charcuterie—which usually includes coppa, two kinds of salami and 'nduja, a spicy spreadable Calabrese sausage—really represents what is special about Philly's food scene."
"The Farmhouse Platter is a bunch of cheeses with Nick Macri’s housemade charcuterie. It comes with fruit, nuts, olives, and some bread. His pork is Heritage Breed, the best there is. I really like his veal liver terrine, too."
"The cured meats by Southwark's in-house charcutier, La Divisa Meats' Nick Macri, are perfect examples of what charcuterie is: salt and patience."

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