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Fregua cun arrizzonisi e cori de tonnu


"I have yet to encounter a preparation of fregola here that wasn't exceptionally delicious, but the sea urchin/tuna heart version might be my favorite."
"This is Sardinian comfort food. Couscous-like pasta is stewed with tomatoes and briny clams. Brings me back to Sardinia."
"This is a very busy little Sardinian restaurant and much of the menu is seafood-focused. I love the fregula with sea urchin (a personal favorite of mine), tomatoes and tuna heart. Tip: If you don't live close by, make a reservation, as the walk-in wait can be long."
"The Sardinian pastas here are great and really different from the pastas you find elsewhere in the city. This fregula with sea urchin and tomatoes is no exception. Plus, they had me at the cured tuna heart."

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