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Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich

Hog Island Oyster Co.

$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, American, Seafood

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"There is an old restaurant canard that seafood houses make the best steaks- as an alternative for the person at the table that doesn’t eat fish. At Hog Island that seems to play out in the form of the best Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the bay area- Melty Cowgirl Creamery's fromage blanc, Vella mezzo secco and cave-aged Gruyere always follow the dozen or so oysters I toss down whenever I get a chance to visit the Oxbow!"
"This is my favorite thing to do when I actually feel like eating oysters: a grilled cheese, a pint of beer and a couple dozen oysters here."
"While it's tough to argue with a mixed dozen of oysters, my favorite item on the menu is their grilled cheese sandwich. They make it with ciabatta and a generous blend of four different cheeses. The assorted pickles served alongside are a perfect complement."
"This grilled cheese sandwich is made with ciabatta in a panini-maker, and when you pick it up and take a bite, there are strings of cheese all over the place. It's my favorite thing to eat at the Ferry Building. I get a dozen oysters on the half shell to go with it—usually for breakfast."

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