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Surf 'n turf po' boy

Surf 'n turf po' boy

Domilise's Po-Boys

West Riverside
$, Full Bar, Sandwiches, Bar

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Surf 'n turf po' boy
"I totally embarrassed my wife here by ordering fried shrimp, which they’re known for, on TOP of the roast beef, dressed like a shrimp po-boy. The ladies behind the counter all reply, “Who eats that? I don’t even know what to charge for that! Some people!” I didn’t care because it was so good. Two months after my delicious lunch of disdain, there it was, a piece of paper taped to the hood vent: “Surf and Turf Po-Boy.” There was not a paper next to it that said, “Designed by Ben Thibodeaux.”"

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